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Intrest Rate
Total of monthly payments $34,560.00
Total interest Paid $2,560.00
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Interest Rate — A Brief Overview of This Concept

Interest rate is a fancy term for a percentile value implemented to the outstanding balance of a borrowed money or loan. The same financial rule also applies to the price obtained as a return on investment. Since interest rates are computed as a percentage and used in a variety of scenarios, there is no specific ratio set for interest rates. Its percentage differs depending on the borrower or product.

The formula for finding interest rate also changes according to the compound frequency and the kind of interest. This is the main reason for the complicated nature of this concept. But the most straightforward way of determining the interest rate is as follows:

Intrest Rate = (Simple Intrest x 100)/(Principle amount x Time)

Examples Illustrating the Calculation of Interest Rate

To better comprehend the concept of interest rates, it is necessary to calculate them using data from daily life. Here are two examples of calculating interest rates using real-world instances:


Examples 1

If the simple interest rate is $1200, find the interest rate on a $12,000 loan that will mature in two years.



Simple interest rate = $1200

Money lent (Principal amount) = $12000

Time period = 2 years

By inputting the values in the formula of interest rate, the equation will become

Intrest Rate = (1200 ×100)/(12000 × 2)

Interest Rate = 5%

Hence, the interest rate will be 5%.


Examples 2

Assume that Chandler lends $5,000 to his friend Joey. After a year, Chandler receives his money back in the amount of $6,000. What would be the interest rate at which Chandler lent his buddy the money?



Money lent (Principal amount) = $5000

Money received = $6000

Time period = 1 year

Simple interest = $6000 - $5000 = $1000

By inputting the values in the formula of interest rate, the equation will become

Intrest Rate =(1000 ×100)/(5000 × 1)

Interest Rate = 20%

Hence, Chandler will accept an interest rate of 20% in a year from his buddy (Joey).

Different Types of Interest Rates

The interest rate represents the cost of borrowing money. But this concept isn’t as straightforward as it appears. It has various forms, each with its own distinct properties. Here is a quick rundown of different types of interest rates:

Fixed Interest Rate

Fixed Interest Rate

The fixed interest rate, as the name indicates, doesn’t change during the entire loan term. The type aims to guarantee payment stability.

Nominal Interest Rate

Nominal Interest Rate

The nominal interest rate is the mentioned interest ratio on a loan or investment that excludes any compounded interests or other extra costs.

Real Interest Rate

Real Interest Rate

This interest rate type offers a more realistic depiction of buying power because it changes based on the state of inflation.

Variable Interest Rate

Variable Interest Rate

The variable interest rate, as the name implies, fluctuates according to the market conditions. This interest rate type presents the likelihood of cost savings or increases.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The APR includes all the charges and fees in order to represent the true cost of borrowing or loan.

How to Find the Interest Rate Using
Our Interest Rate Calculator?

Our interest rate calculator has simplified the process of calculating interest rates. With our tool, you don’t need to be an expert in calculations or remember any formulae. You just need to enter the values in the given field and process the calculations. Here is how to do that:


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What Makes Our Interest Rates
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Our developers have made this monthly interest rate calculator for both novices and seasoned finance professionals. Here are a few points that briefly highlight the features of this web utility:


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Our tool has an easy-to-use UI that significantly improves the user experience. All users have to do is input the information into the designated fields, and this online utility will provide instantaneous results along with clear visualizations of calculations.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Yes! Our interest rate calculator works on sophisticated algorithms to guarantee accurate answers for various scenarios.

Yes! Our developers have made this interest rate calculator for users of all skill levels. Therefore, whether you have any financial knowledge or not, it doesn’t matter.

You can calculate interest rate on loan by entering data into our cutting-edge interest calculator. Our tool can help you find the interest rates for loans with monthly installments, set periods, or other recurring contributions.